Saturday, June 25 2016

Man arrested for attack on veiled woman

Solihull News reports on the case of a man who allegedly grabbed a Muslim woman by her head and ripped a veil from her face in a local shopping centre.

From Solihull News:

“A Shirley man has been summoned to appear at Solihull Magistrates Court after he allegedly ripped a veil from a Muslim woman’s face in Touchwood.

“Police reported that Ian Brazier, 26, had grabbed the victim, also 26, by her head and removed her face covering as she walked past the Disney store, on March 3.

“It’s alleged that he then threw the veil to the floor and left the shopping centre.

“A Solihull Police spokesman said the woman had not been physically harmed but was left severely shaken by the incident.

“Officers tracked down Brazier following a CCTV image appeal.

“He will now appear at Solihull Magistrates on June 13.

“ “We are treating this incident as a hate crime as we believe the woman was deliberately targeted because of her faith symbolised by her attire.””

A man was given a 135 day prison sentence for a similar offence committed in a shopping centre in Glenrothes, Scotland last year.

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