Friday, June 24 2016

Woman given prison sentence for drunken racist assault on Muslim family

Islamophobia Watch alerts us of a local report regarding a nine-month prison sentence handed down to a woman who attacked an Asian family while drunk.

The woman was found guilty of tearing at a Muslim woman’s headscarf before hitting her in the face. She also struck the woman’s niece while shouting racist abuse and claiming her son had been killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

From the Shields Gazette:

“A drunken mum is behind bars today after a shocking race-hate attack – in which she pretended her child had been killed in Afghanistan.

“Michelle Eager tried to pull off Zakir Mohammed’s religious headgear before spitting at her and then hitting the 24-year-old in the face.

“The 41-year-old, who was hurling foul abuse, then turned on Mrs Mohammed’s 17-year-old niece, Atif Khan, and also hit her in the face.

“Newcastle Crown Court heard that Eager, who was drunk, yelled at the women “you are from Afghanistan – you are not in Afghanistan now”.

“She then told them her son had been killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan – which was a lie.

"The court was told that Mrs Mohammed – who has lived in the UK all her life – had moved to South Shields because she had been told it was “a nice place to live”. Her niece had recently come to Britain from Pakistan to study when the attack happened in October, as the two walked into South Shields from the town library.

“The court heard how they tried to tell Eager that they too were against the Taliban and were from Pakistan, not Afghanistan. But Eager refused to calm down, despite a member of the public trying to intervene, and even threatened to turn up at the women’s homes if she found out where they lived. Eager, of Warkworth Avenue, South Shields, admitted two charges of racially aggravated assault.

“The court heard she has previous convictions for drunken violence.

“The judge said: “You showed yourself up as a woman who has very strong views which cannot be tolerated in a civilised society.

“Speaking after the case, Chief Inspector Michael Barton, of South Tyneside area police command, said: “A custodial sentence reflects how seriously offences of this kind are viewed.”

In January this year, a man was given a jail sentence for a racist assault conducted while under the influence of alcohol after he repeatedly punched a Muslim taxi driver. In a further incident in the same area, a South Shields mosque was vandalised by a drunken woman late last year.

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