Thursday, June 30 2016

Engage letter to the Bishop of London in response to Priest's ridicule

 ENGAGE has written to the Bishop of London, the Rt. Rev. Lord Bishop Richard Chartres, following disclosures of comments posted on the blog of the Revd. Dr Peter Mullen, Rector of the Parish Church of St. Michael's Cornhill in the City of London, in which he ridicules the manner in which Muslims pray and refers to an 'agreeable carnage' during the performance of Hajj.

ENGAGE noted that the comments of Revd. Mullen 'can only be viewed wiith a great measure of distress at his wholesale undermining of the years of work of Christian and Muslims communities together'.

ENGAGE wrote to the Lord Bishop of London stating that 'We are acutely aware of how sections of the media and some of our politicians have been inciting anti-Muslim prejudice and we are keen to ensure that all British citizens work together to challenge and oppose anti Muslim bigotry in the same principled way that they would oppose other forms of xenophobia.'

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