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Veiled Muslim woman attacked by gang of schoolgirls

 A young Muslim woman was attacked by a gang of schoolgirls in south London the Wimbledon Guardian reported last week.

The 26 year old was taunted by the girls for wearing a headscarf before she was physically assaulted and an attempt made to forcibly remove it.

From the Wimbledon Guardian:

“Four teenage girls, two wearing school uniform, kicked and knocked the woman to the ground before trying to remove the item during the incident in North Cheam between 7pm and 9pm on Wednesday, April 13.

“The 26-year-old was walking along Stonecot Hill towards London Road, near the territorial army centre, when she noticed she was being followed by the girls, who were teasing her about her headscarf.

“One of the girls kicked her, before she crossed the road in an attempt to get away.

“The girls caught up with the victim, kicked her again, and during a struggle to remove the victim’s headscarf, kicked her again after she fell to the ground.

“The attackers fled after a car pulled over to help the woman. The driver then took the woman home.”

Recent research produced by Irene Kempi of Leicester University shows that attacks on veiled Muslim women is on the increase. The low level of reporting of such incidents means that perpetrators often evade criminal prosecution leading to what Kempi terms “invisible” Islamophobia.

‘‘Persistent staring, spitting, calling names, throwing of eggs or stones, and pulling women’s veils off are the overwhelming types of anti-Muslim hostilities, yet rarely reported to the police. As a result, this victimisation remains ‘invisible’ for police and local authority,” Kempi argues.


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