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Inquiry to assess the effectiveness of the government's PREVENT strategy

 The Communities and Local Government Committee of parliament is to undertake an inquiry into ‘Prevent’, the Government’s strategy on Preventing Violent Extremism.
The inquiry is currently inviting written submissions on the effectiveness to date of Prevent, and its likely effectiveness in the future, with a focus on these questions:
  1. Is the Prevent programme the right way of addressing the problem of violent extremism, or are there better ways of doing it?
  2. How robust is the Government's analysis of the factors which lead people to become involved in violent extremism? Is the 'Prevent' programme appropriately targeted to address the most important of those factors?
  3. How appropriate, and how effective, is the Government's strategy for engaging with communities? Has the Government been speaking to the right people? Has its programme reached those at whom it is—or should be—aimed?
  4. Is the necessary advice and expertise available to local authorities on how to implement and evaluate the programme?
  5. Are the objectives of the 'Prevent' agenda being communicated effectively to those at whom it is aimed?
  6. Is the Government seeking, and obtaining, appropriate advice on how to achieve the goals of the 'Prevent' programme?
  7. How effectively has the Government evaluated the effectiveness of the programme and the value for money which is being obtained from it? Have reactions to the programme been adequately gauged?
  8. Is there adequate differentiation between what should be achieved through the Prevent programme and the priorities that concern related, but distinct, policy frameworks such as cohesion and integration?

Such an inquiry is long overdue and Muslims are strongly encouraged to contribute submissions to assist the committee in their appraisal of the strategy’s objectives, methods and results. This is your opportunity to move beyond mere criticism of the Government’s policies and instead feed into the constructive process of evaluating how the Prevent strategy has been implemented and whether the methods of implementation have had their desired effect.

Many of you will have knowledge of how the millions of pounds of PVE money has been spent locally and whether it was distributed fairly or not. ENGAGE urges everyone, individuals and Muslim organisations to contribute submissions - whether detailed or short - to the inquiry. ENGAGE has written previously about how government funds have been spent on funding discredited organisations such as the Quilliam Foundation.

The deadline for submissions is September 17, 2009. Further details and guidelines in making submission can be found here.

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0 #2 Newham informationLogic 2009-07-24 19:04
Farid, Newham Council will have received money from central government to organise PVE programmes. Have a look at this document:-

The fact that you have not heard about it does not mean it is not happening. It is more probably a reflection of how little Muslims know about what goes in in their own local councils.
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0 #1 Not knownFarid Ahmed Reza 2009-07-24 11:02
In London Borough of Newham Prevent programme is completely unknown to us. As far I know no body knows its name even.
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